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For ARC reviews, please be prepared to read the advanced review copy and post a review shortly after the new title is published. You will typically have 3-4 weeks prior to publication to read the advanced copy.

JJ’s Beta Readers Team

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Beta readers: You may contact me directly to express your interest in becoming a Beta reader, and some ARC reviewers may be invited to join the Beta reader team, which is a little bit more work for you, but very rewarding as I pay serious attention to constructive feedback to help make sure the books are the best that they can be. Your input makes a difference, and those who provide beta feedback get a mention in the book. (I’m pretty generous with that stuff, because, frankly you deserve it!) However, you need to provide feedback to get mentioned.

Note that there will be some typos in the beta review copies, but the review focus is on the story, flow, and “does it work/does it make sense/did something get missed, etc.”

Expectations of a beta reader: to read a beta copy (often more than one version) and provide constructive feedback in a timely fashion (typically 2-3 weeks). I am looking to keep the Beta readers a small and very active group.