Illiya – Taylor Neeran Chronicles #1

A.D. 3485

We are not alone.

Humanity is part of a vast Commonwealth of species that spans the Orion Spur, working together to colonise the galaxy. When expansion reached into the Perseus Arm, a bloody interstellar war broke out with a new species.

They called themselves the Xathen.

After a hundred years of fighting the Xathen finally retreated, leaving the Commonwealth alone to lick their wounds. However, thirty years of peace can make people complacent, and visions of expansion have grown bright once more.

The Zanzibar has been dispatched to complete a planetary survey on the fringes of Xathen space. Contact had been lost near the start of the war, and the previous survey ship never returned.

These are the chronicles of Taylor Neeran – university student and daughter of the Zanzibar’s captain. Taylor has come along for the trip to explore a new planet, earn a few extra course credits, and get to know her absentee mother.

Well, that was the plan.

When Taylor triggers a diplomatic incident with the planet’s inhabitants, she soon finds herself struggling to survive, lost in the wilds of an alien planet ten thousand light-years from home…

Illya is available in Paperback (ISBN 978-0995103405 – 5″x8″, 446 pages) and as an eBook from multiple retailers, through the universal book link below.