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Illiya – Taylor Neeran Chronicles #1

A.D. 3485

Taylor Neeran is just like most other University students – studying hard and looking forward to a well deserved summer off with her friends. But when her absentee mother picks her up from Ganymede to explore a new planet while they spend some ‘quality time’ together, things go terribly wrong. The planet holds secrets – and the first survey mission disappeared without a trace just hours after landing. Sure, it was in the middle of a war, and it happened over a hundred and thirty years ago, but mysteries lay in wait under the dense forests of Aeden.

When Taylor triggers a diplomatic incident with the planet’s inhabitants, she soon finds herself struggling to survive alongside her alien companion, lost in the wilds of the planet she would come to call home…

Illya is now available on Kindle (ISBN 978-0995103412) and in Paperback (ISBN 978-0995103405 – 5″x8″, 446 pages).