Icarus – Taylor Neeran Chronicles #4


AD 3487

Taylor Neeran, Star-Killer.

That’s what she was being called throughout the Xathen dominion. Turn the minor star of the Franath binary system into a black hole, and they gave her that title. She was famous, infamous, whatever. It’s not like it was a handful of stars, one star wasn’t that many, the galaxy had plenty of them. But sometimes it was the small actions that got the most attention. One star to save a hundred unsuspecting civilisations and a trillion or so lives, in some ways it was more than a fair trade.

It wasn’t her fault the minor sun had failed to complete its transformation into a black hole and changed its spin. Instead, it had become a neutron star, a pulsar – tilted on its side, spraying death across the Franath system as it wobbled on its axis.

Franath was now spoken in whispers or not at all, as if the word itself was cursed.

But she was going to fix it.

In order to save eight billion souls, Taylor Neeran, Star-Killer and Spirit-Mother of Aeden was going to tame a star.

Or die trying.

Of course, not actually die, that would help nobody. But she was going to try really, really hard…

Icarus is currently being written.