Intercession is now available!

Intercession is now available on Kindle (ISBN 78-0995103450) and in Paperback (ISBN 978-0995103467). Published: January 11, 2019.

Intercession – Taylor Neeran Chronicles #3

AD 3486

Things are changing on the idyllic planet known by the primitive inhabitants simply as Aeden.

Well, it had been idyllic. Reapers had come to steal Aeden’s exotic biology, leaving the planet scarred and countless creatures stolen or killed. But they had fought back, and the Reapers and the invaders who brought them had finally been destroyed.

Aeden was suffering, but life must be replenished in order to restore the balance, and for the planet to be able to fulfil its purpose.

Still, it itched something fierce.

Taylor Neeran was doing everything she could to help, but exactly how do you heal a planet? When the first of several unexpected visitors arrives, Taylor would find her world changed forever…and the galaxy along with it.


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