Welcome to the home of J J Mathews, New Zealand science fiction author and dreamer of alien worlds.

The Taylor Neeran Chronicles are my first exploration into this interesting galaxy that we inhabit, and the possibilities that currently lie just beyond our reach in a not-too-distant future.

If you ever wondered what kind of influence one human female could possibly have on this galaxy of ours and its future history, read on…

AD 3485

The galaxy is becoming a crowded place.

Our story starts with:

  • A commonwealth of planets spanning twenty thousand light years throughout the Orion spur… and growing.
  • An ancient race that doesn’t like neighbours knocking on their door.
  • A survey ship, lost on the edges of Xathen space at the start of a hundred year war, a ship that lost contact and never returned.
  • An absentee mother trying to reconnect with her daughter.
  • A task unfinished.
  • A mysterious planet, ten thousand light years from Earth and home.

Add to the mix:

  • Taylor Neeran – nineteen turning twenty, human female, on a trip to spend time with her mother for two months and explore a new planet…

What could possibly go wrong?

The Taylor Neeran Chronicles begin with Illiya, followed by Incursion and Intercession. Icarus is now available for pre-orders (publishing August 1, 2020).

Books in the Taylor Neeran Chronicles series:

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