Welcome to the home of J J Mathews, Young Adult Sci-Fi author and dreamer of alien worlds. 

The Taylor Neeran Chronicles are his first sci-fi series.

About the Taylor Neeran Chronicles

A.D. 3485

Human expansion into the stars has been under way for nearly a millenium as fresh worlds are colonized and newly discovered alien species are invited to join a loose commonwealth of planets that spans most of the Orion spur of the Milky Way galaxy. However, not all species are peaceful, and a hundred years of war to repel the Xathen invasion has turned into an uneasy truce that has lasted for nearly thirty years. Exploration of systems has resumed, with the survey ship Zanzibar sent to complete the survey of a planet on the fringes of Xathen space. When the Xathen declared war over a hundred and thirty years ago, contact with the first ship was lost, and they never returned home.

These are the chronicles of Taylor Neeran - university student, daughter of an absentee mother and reluctant guest on the Zanzibar, Taylor is along for the trip to explore a new planet.

When a simple misunderstanding turns into a diplomatic incident, Taylor must learn the ways of the Illiya in order to survive. As she slowly adapts to life on Aeden, Taylor learns that this is no ordinary planet. Ancient, hidden forces lurk beneath this idyllic paradise as the planet turns beneath its twin moons.

Although the war may be over, the Xathen have not forgotten about us...